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10 easy ways to create content for social media that wins

Growth Secrets|21.07.2017

In 2018, it is predicted that there will be 2.67 billion social media users around the world. Personally and professionally social media affects us on a daily basis, whether directly or indirectly.

From a business perspective if you’re not using social media to promote your company then you’re seriously missing out. Different things work for different companies but here are 10 easy ways to create content that should help your social media posts win.

1. Have a plan

Social media is an incredibly creative platform and although it may seem tempting to post whimsically, any content you share with your audience needs to be thought out and planned. 

If you’ve developed a marketing strategy before, you will already know that outlining your overarching goals is crucial to effectively measure your success. With these goals in mind think about producing content that will help you to achieve them. 

2. Keep your audience in mind

Many people use social media as a form of self-expression, personal branding and to connect with like-minded individuals. As a result, the content they share gives us a good idea of what is important to them. 

Sadly, most people aren’t going to be passionate about your product or service initially. Instead, they may be passionate about how your product or service helps them. Take some time to research into what your audience is talking about and find out which types of content they share, where they share it and how often they share it.

To find these insights you can search through a variety of tools (both free and paid) available. As well as this, try monitoring hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, trending on Facebook, and discussions on LinkedIn. If you can create content that reflects what’s important to your audience, you have a sure fire way to find success. 

3. Repurpose old content

Re-sharing content that has performed well is a great way to fill the space in any content gaps. Twitter is the ultimate re-purposing tool. Sign up to Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or whatever tool you use to schedule tweets and share links to past posts with different messaging and images.

Re-purposing content is beneficial as it can save you time and still drive new traffic back to content that has previously performed well. The new format might grab the attention of someone who may have dismissed it prior, or could motivate more people to share, ultimately expanding your reach and audience.

4. User generated content

User-generated content is an easy way to create content that wins. It is a great way to engage with your customers, build a community and grow your audience. The content itself is free and you don’t have to do much work for it.

Clever campaigns with the high engagement inspire customers to contribute creative content of their own and therefore creates a sense of community.

User-generated content such as testimonials and photographs helps to expand your existing resources. It builds up a community of fans that provide your brand with social proof and excellent examples of how products are being used/worn. You can encourage the use of UGC with branded hashtags and offer an incentive like a competition. With 49% of Millennials trusting peer reviews, compared to only 19% trusting banner ads, this one is hard to ignore.

Here are three examples of successful UGC campaigns in e-commerce.

5. Be visual

Visual appeal is very important, especially on social media. You should focus on Instagram to promote your visual content. Choose a relevant and compelling visual and include the product name/number or link to some written content. (Do be aware that you can’t directly link on Instagram). Brands have reported that they’ve seen a large increase in engagement thanks to Instagram, and it is becoming increasingly popular with brands in comparison to other social media platforms. 

When planning killer content, the presentation of your content must be at the forefront of your mind. How will this look to your audience? In general, many people tend to shy away from large chunks of text and low-resolution images, so keep this in mind.

6. Publish across several platforms

When you've published a piece of content, why not share it across all your social media channels. You most likely have different audiences on different platforms, so not everyone is going to see your content in one place. 

Pushing out the same content to all your social media pages will also save you a lot of time and money. It means you don’t need to come up with something new for each of your social profiles. If you’re worried about sounding too repetitive, try adapting the copy on your captions to help keep things fresh.

7. Keep it short and sweet

On the whole, your audience will have an increasingly short attention span and can be picky with what they read and see thanks to a large amount of content at their disposal. Something like an infographic can be an easy and quick way for people to digest information. They are also incredibly visually appealing. 

The main goal of your content should be to grab the attention of your audience so keep it short, sweet, light and at times, playful. Your consumers are likely to be scrolling through their phones in situations like waiting for a coffee, during their morning commute, on a break at work, or sitting in a waiting room.

In many situations, they’re not looking to engage with anything particularly time-consuming. In the same breath, they’re looking for content to help them pass the time. 

8. Be Unique

There is a lot of content out there and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to post something that hasn’t been done before. Don’t be scared to push the boundaries and start something new. Better that, than jumping on a trending bandwagon and falling short. 

9. Stay current

Be sure to make your content as in line as possible with what’s going on in the world. Stay up to date on current events, public holidays, sporting events, and other positive celebrations. It’s likely everyone is going to be talking about these things, so it’s a great way to get in on the conversation and attract a wider audience.

This is a clever way of letting your audience see more of your brand personality. If you’re a modern, fun brand that’s in the know, then prove it. 

In today’s age, audiences are attracted to brands that seem current, because newer stuff is more exciting. Why not try using some emojis, but don’t overdo it! Keep the conversation running with timely content and you’ll see a rise in engagement.

10. Use hashtags

I hate to say it, but hashtags can make you popular! The more people are able to find your content, the more engagement it will get. This simple tool is functional across many social media channels. Research into popular hashtags and start your own that will engage your current audience.

Those who use hashtags themselves are more likely to get involved in social conversations and push your brand in front of their own followers. Be as creative as you can, but be careful as hashtags can point you in the wrong direction if you’re unsure how to use them.

For some inspiration here are 5 of my favourite e-commerce brands that are doing social media right: 

1. Skinnydip London

2. Madewell

3. Frank Body

4. Press London

5. Commodity


Your brand's marketing strategy should be adaptable to stay up-to-date on the latest content creation trends, especially on social media. To stay in the game and ahead of your competition, you must deliver content that is relevant, interesting, and visually appealing. Set guidelines for your content creation so that the content presented to your audience will always perform well.

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