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13 Examples of Minimal E-commerce Web Design to Inspire You

Simplicity is an art: it's easy to overcomplicate things, and really difficult to obtain an uncluttered look. We take inspiration from 13 white-background e-commerce websites that nailed the pared-down style where branding shines and product is king.


Best minimalist e-commerce design Away
  • Landing page links straight to product categories

  • Stunning minimal photography with white backgrounds, helping products to stand out

  • Interactive sliding banner


Best minimalist e-commerce design Finisterre
  • Strong sense of brand through beautiful imagery and impactful typography allows use of large amounts of white space

  • Product imagery is consistent in style and the backdrop set in grey brings the customer’s focus to the products

Caroline Z Hurley

Best minimalist e-commerce design Caroline Z Hurley
  • Minimalistic design of products and photography

  • Simplistic, uncluttered menu

  • Obvious featured products on homepage offering easy navigation


Best minimalist e-commerce design Playa
  • Easy and simple subscriptions

  • Quick Look and Quick Add to cart from the homepage

  • Uncomplicated and streamlined footer

Everyday Needs

Best minimalist e-commerce design Everyday Needs
  • Small buttons on product images with specific notifications e.g. ‘last few remaining’

  • Different Menu - Navigation is below the hero image

  • Offset Images


Best minimalist e-commerce design Kitri
  • Rolling display of press articles to grab visitor’s attention

  • Clean layout using colours which compliment products

  • Fun, catchy phrases

Beacon Relief

Best minimalist e-commerce design Beacon Relief
  • Engaging landing page with colourful, fun, moving background images

  • No unnecessary menus or text to clutter the page

  • Clear navigation

  • Simple design

Commodity Goods

Best minimalist e-commerce design Commodity
  • Clear product photography on a white background

  • Black and White Website with small splashes of colour

  • Quick add to cart button on the homepage


Best minimalist e-commerce design Couple
  • The purchasing journey is made as clear as possible by removing any other distractions, such as long descriptions

  • Clear display of product variants

  • Simple payment plan


Best minimalist e-commerce design Clare
  • Large, simple, obvious buttons

  • Simplifying how consumers find their products

  • Product Images in the menu to take you directly to the product


Best minimalist e-commerce design Blume
  • Minimal sharp photography

  • Lovely minimal product pages and photographs

  • Very simplistic header menu

Not Another Bill

Best minimalist e-commerce design Not Another Bill
  • Landing page shows products, no offers right in your face

  • Clever drop down menu on the home page to help you find the perfect gift

  • Hidden burger menu for an uncluttered homepage

Rebecca Atwood

Best minimalist e-commerce design Rebecca Atwood
  • Straight to colourful products on the home page

  • Simple click to buy option for all products, similar to Instagram

  • Discrete offers

  • Good use of sliding images

BY Piers Thorogood


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