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20 examples of Headless commerce powered by Shopify

Design Inspiration|03.10.2019

Traditionally, the front and back-end of an e-commerce site is powered by a singular platform. A headless framework means using multiple systems interconnected via APIs instead. To learn more about headless commerce using Shopify Plus read our blog post here. We’ve compiled a list of the best headless builds powered by Shopify and their separate frontend frameworks or CMS.


Custom Vue.js front-end + Shopify



Netlify CMS + Shopify


Chilly Bottles

Dato CMS + Shopify


Frank Body

True Headless with Word Press + Shopify



Contentful + Shopify



Contentful CMS + Shopify



Prismic + Shopify


Victoria Beckham Beauty

Contentful CMS + Shopify Plus


Naked Labs

Contentful CMS + Shopify


Almond Breeze

Contentful CMS + Shopify



Contentful CMS + Shopify Plus



Contentful CMS + Shopify


Yoga Girl

Contentful CMS + Shopify


Augustinus Bader

Contentful CMS + Shopify Plus 


Kinsley Armelle

Contentful CMS + Shopify Plus



Storefront API + Shopify



GatsbyJS + Shopify



React.JS + Contentful + Storefront API + Shopify


Grass Roots Coop

Contentful CMS + Shopify Plus



Contentful CMS + Shopify Plus


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