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5 Easy Ways to Increase Repeat Orders on your Ecommerce Store

Once you've got customers buying from your website, the next challenge is to get them to come back. Take a look at these 5 simple ideas for inspiration on how to get repeat orders!

1. Send a discount code

One of the best ways to increase repeat purchases is to enclose a discount code within the order. According to a university study, shipping discounts are viewed more favourably by customers than discounts that are specific to products. Ship-Ship-Hooray!

This is also a great way to generate word of mouth, as customers may pass on their discount code to friends who go on to make their own purchases with you.

2. Market to your mailing list

Repeat customers are the easiest to sell to as they have already demonstrated a need for your product and a willingness to trust you. By sending them interesting content and decent discounts from time to time, you can make sure you're in the forefront of their minds when they are thinking about purchasing.

Be warned, though: send them too many emails, personalised or not, and you'll probably be sent straight to the spam folder!

3. Remember their birthday!

The jury is out on this one. Suprising gesture or creepy marketing?

People are generally happiest on their birthday. Everyone's making a fuss over them, they're probably up on money, and they feel like the world is their oyster. By contacting them on their birthday and offering them a discount, however small, as a 'gift' from you to them, customers will feel more obliged than ever to make a repeat order there and then.

It's totally natural for you to think 'it's not worth the hassle for just one order,' but that's not necessarily true! This act of kindness will be registered by the customer and oblige them to make more orders in the future. Again, it's all about improving your customer's relationship with your brand, and making sure that they remember you in the future when they require your products.

4. Ask for feedback

Raise your hand if you've ever declined to take a survey because, frankly, you couldn't be bothered. (I'm raising my hand, are you?)

There are people that quickly take the time to give feedback, though. These people are on separate ends of the customer satisfaction spectrum: either they feel they have been treated fantastically, or they feel they have been treated terribly.

You will probably receive more good feedback than you do bad, but on the occasion where you do get some criticism, be sure to take heed and try to address whatever problems they outline. From making alterations based on feedback to even putting a survey out in the first place, your goal is to prove to customers that you care about them, and turn them from from one-off purchasers into valued ones. Always respond to negative feedback in a patient and understanding way.

5. Thank you notes

Have you ever received an order from someone and found a little thank you note inside, handwritten to you? Maybe they even included a nice postcard? If you have, you'll vividly remember that warm feeling you got. They care! They actually care! If you haven't, then you'll recognise that this is done not nearly enough by online retailers.

Even if it's not handwritten, that's fine, but put in a personalised thank you note along with the shipment and you will notice results. This can be one of the most powerful techniques for remaining in the forefront of your customers' minds. Don't be put off by its simplicity, it really works! It's also one of the techniques that smaller retailers will find it easier do than large ones.


So there you have it, 5 simple techniques you can implement today to ensure you get customers coming back again and again! If you have your own suggestions tweet us @wemakewebsites_ .

BY Jacinta


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