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Cart abandonment - the email that can sell 3x more than normal emails

Growth Secrets|13.08.2013

When your visitors or customers leave your site, it's tempting to believe they're gone for good. But with email remarketing that's not necessarily the case.

We are official UK suppliers of Nosto, an amazing product recommendation engine that can turn visitors in to customers and customers in to loyal repeat customers!

As well as powering onsite recommendations, such as on your product pages, Nosto can also automatically send the following types of email after certain events.

Cart abandonment

These are sent when a customer adds an item to their cart but does not checkout. These are the most effective email we send as they convert browsers to customers three times better than normal transactional marketing emails.

more conversions vs normal campaign email
typical conversion increase with Nosto

For this email to be sent, the customer must have completed the first step of checkout so that we have their email address. For existing customers that are logged in this is not a problem.

Once we have an email address we are able to gently remind the customer that they have items in their cart, 20 minutes after they leave the site. It could be that they've just forgotten to checkout, they've had to go offline because their dinner is ready or they had to rush out. An email reminder in their inbox has a good chance of encouraging them to finish the sale next time. The 20 minute window can be extended and configured as you need.

Order follow up

It's important to keep up a relationship with your customers and the Nosto platform allows us to automatically email your customers after a given time has passed since their last order.

Most of the time our clients do this to ask reviews or to show recommended products based on the customers last purchase. Typically we send the email one week after the customer's order.

On a recent project we were able to double the online revenue for Illustrated People, an east London fashion brand and a client of ours. They used these emails to ask their customers to post pictures to Instagram of them showing off their latest wares. This boosted their social media presence, an important source of sales for them, as well as great way of developing their brand and a dialogue with their following.

"We've missed you"

The final type of email we send via Nosto is called "we've missed you" and is sent a number of days after a visitors last interaction with the site, typically 1 or 2 months later. We don't want to be too intrusive, so these emails are just another gentle reminder showing a list of the most recent popular products, again these are personalised to appeal to the customer.

We use the emails to show recent additions to your range, bestsellers and recommendations based on the visitors browsing habits. Since they're sent automatically, it's effortless marketing.

If you're interested in getting these emails set up on your site, make an enquiry via our e-commerce page for a same day quote.

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