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Google Analytics - A guide to Audience Overview

Growth Secrets|01.08.2013

In Google Analytics, 'Audience Overview' is a great way of finding out more about the audience viewing your website. It provides insight into the location of your audience that can be valuable in planning website improvements.

The audience overview is found in the 'audience' tab - then click on overview.


If you wanted to know the geographical location of your audience there are a number of different options. The 'Demographics' column is broken down into three key criteria, 'Language' which tells you the language of the customer, and 'Country' and 'City'.

This will then display the data, for example by language (as below). From this information it displays % visits and the number of individual visits.

Here at We Make Websites we like to make the data as specific as possible for our clients. This ensures that data for our clients is as accurate as possible. In order to do this we use the 'City' tab under demographics. This means that our clients understand where exactly their customers are ordering from. You may however have different requirements. But location is great for getting an idea of where your customers are shopping from. From this you can start to do campaigns in those areas and segment your customers more accurately.

Technology & Mobile

This can be found under the heading ''mobile'' and the heading ''technology'' (as above in image). Understanding the devices and browsers people use to access your site can help improve a current version of your website. For example if a lot of people are trying to buy off your site from a mobile but your website isn't optimised for mobile, you may find customers dropping off and not purchasing or browsing as much as you'd like. 

New versus Returning

This measures how effective your site is with new and returning customers. From this you can determine how many new to old customers you are getting.

If you are in an ecommerce business the likelihood is you will want to be attracting new customers as opposed to returning, both are great and it depends on your existing situation. The more new customers you have the more people will be talking about your 'brand' and (if you're doing this right) the more future returning customers you will have.

As you can see above it also has other very useful data such as:

  • Bounce rate - Could the bounce rate be high because you have no mobile site?
  • Average visit duration - How engaged are they on your site?
  • Overall visits - Can these be improved through other results found on analytics?

Audience overview is crucial in your overall strategy for understanding visitor behaviour.

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