How do fashion retailers use Google Plus?

Facebook still runs the show in the social media world with 70% account ownership, but Google Plus is making tracks. It now draws a considerable 1,203 million visits per month.

With Google Plus becoming more popular amongst the social masses, we explore how the fashion industry is utilising the latest fad to get ahead of the game.

With this in mind we have come up with some of our favourite Google Plus fashion pages.


Burberry are the kings of cool at present. With Cara Delevingne, Charlie France and Romeo Beckham in tow, the future is bright for Burberry.

The classic check has now been replaced with colours that fit the season and these are reflected throughout their Google Plus page.

Their use of the Google Plus wall incorporates all the functions of a perfect page. 

  1. Attention to detail - the page combines information on products with causal links to their favourite music
  2. Language - the language is formal, effective and not too lengthy
  3. Interaction - encouraging customers to interact with posts by asking questions.

Not really any faults to report with Burberry's Google Plus account. They have really thought about brand reputation this time round by including seasonal colours to match their classy image. This is reflected in their clothes and their general approach to social media. They have also spent a lot of time coming up with varied content and the type of posts that would work well with their audience.


As Frank Sinatra once sung "ain't that a kick in the head". Looking at this page provides me with similar feelings. It really surprises me that they haven't invested more time into Google Plus.

There are a few thoughts for this page. 

  1. Photography - the cover photo is really small. Unlike the bold, big images of Burberry they haven't really thought the specifics of using Google+ all that much. The picture is also rather pixilated and they haven't made the most out of the large images Google+ allows you to post.
  2. Interaction - no interaction. Just a few photos of their latest products. There needs to be more varied posts to encourage engagement.
  3. Their home page - Zara are clearly investing more time into marketing efforts on Google Plus with their "homeware".

Room for improvement here. I am sure there is a reason why Zara haven't invested much time into this Google Plus page, since their homeware page is really good. It may not be a priority at the moment.

Photography and interaction need some work here. To avoid a drop in traffic to their site through social media, Zara need to improve this page, or risk falling behind competitors.


Topshop have a lot to be happy about. A successful AW13 London Fashion Week and some fantastic new pieces for the lookbook.

With 1,892,390 in their circles at the time of writing, they most certainly look like they are investing relevant resources on their page. However there are some concerns. 

So what's good? And what are the concerns?

  1. Photography - A mixed bag. The cover photo is big, but not very pretty. I feel this is breaking the mould, going for the "hangover look"  maybe this is purposely done to reflect their brand.
  2. Cara Delevingne - Never underestimate the power of a big name wearing your clothes. Cara Delevingne is popping up all over the place, she is signed up to Topshop and Mulberry and I can bet she has helped to boost sales for both as the current "now" girl.
  3. Language - Loving the language. It's informal which reflects Topshop and the typical Google Plus audience. It's also reflected throughout their page with offers for students and young models which reflect their key demographic.

Topshop could really do with adjusting their photography a bit. If this is part of their brand then it's understandable, however if this falls down to sloppy photography then this needs to be sorted. However this is the only criticism.

The brand alignment with their clothes and language is fantastic. Real consideration has been taken into account when aiming content at their key audience. The result is an effective Google Plus page. 


Wow! What amazing photography. 

Hennes just can't get it wrong at the moment. A new flagship store on Oxford Street, record sales last year and a Google Plus page that would make any e-commerce store green with envy.

Their fantastic brand is supported with evidence in the way of numbers. A staggering 3,255,719 followers is not to be sniffed at, even (marginally) beating Burberry. 

Their Google wall is great. A combination of language and colours suit their brand. How?

  1. Language - with 42% of Google Plus demographic being 18-24, language should be fun and informal. They do this by using words like "luscious" to connect with the younger audience.
  2. Colours -  the colours are kept seasonal (like Burberry) ensuring that updates are appropriate.
  3. Demographic - where age consideration is their strength it's also their constraint. Kate Moss doesn't represent the 18-24's, however they also have to consider the demographic of Hennes as a brand.

All in all a great page, well thought out and linking directly to products.


Over the past couple of years, Google Plus has become an important factor in most social media strategies. If your business is B2C Google+ could be a great outlet for your content.

The lessons you can take for promoting your fashion e-commerce store on Google Plus are:

  • Encourage engagement through interactive posting
  • Include big, bold and beautiful images
  • Always consider your audience when posting new content to your Google Plus page.

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About the author

With expertise in business development and content marketing, grounded in a technical understanding of the web, Rob helps us gain traffic and exposure with innovative and effective tactics. Prior to helping both our clients and ourselves with lead generation, he worked on social media strategy and execution for James Caan's HB Prime Advantage advisory business. He combines entrepreneurial skill with a dynamic approach and a focus on results.

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