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How do fashion retailers use Pinterest to boost sales?

Growth Secrets|09.10.2013

A large proportion of Pinterest pages (65%) are fashion, so it's becoming increasingly effective for retailers in this area to capitalise on their Pinterest presence.

When writing this I was trying to think of what's important in a Pinterest page, it's different to the approach on other social media platforms (apart from Instagram) as it's all about the relevance and engagement of photography. Just like your website bold, colourful, clear images will always provide a successful platform for a solid Pinterest page. 

With this in mind I have come up with my favourite Pinterest pages. This is not to say that they are perfect, but they are most certainly a great template for your Pinterest page. 

Urban Outfitters

With a large investment into their new mobile app ready for the Christmas period, it is safe to say that Urban Outfitters are paying a lot of attention to online shopping in the near future. The reason we decided on Urban Outfitters is we knew that they would have some fantastic photography.

With great images being the key component to a successful Pinterest page we decided to explore further.

Their front page is great. They have really thought about not only relevance to the season, but also the relevant trends.

The "Creep It Real" category shows a seasonal awareness as Halloween approaches.

Other sections implicitly give you an idea of what's in for AW13 for example the "velvet" section, with some beautiful imagery. 

Now down to the most important part. This page is where the magic happens. You can get a lot of traffic if Pinners like what they see on the category section of the page.

I really love this one by Urban Outfitters, with us just about in the autumn season, the beautiful photography combined with some really amazing products makes this mood board a great template for any fashion designer.

In conclusion do they fulfil the three criteria for the perfect Pinterest page? 

Relevance - its relevance is something that makes the Urban Outfitters page a real success. Their ability to use the seasons as a platform for their mood board is a really great idea, and one that should be encouraged. 

Engagement - the key to engagement is to make sure your front page is eye catching. The use of bold colours and relevant boards with interesting names means they have set out a front page, that will engage the audience. 

Photography - beautiful! Unbelievably great photography fills both the front page and the category pages. The use of the velvets is particularly eye catching, the autumn leaves in all their glory also provides a backdrop to a colourful pin page.

This Pinterest page is bang on. They really do provide a sensible, and effective approach to this platform. Hats off to Urban Outfitters, and a big thumbs up from We Make Websites. 

American Apparel

I must confess that before writing this piece I was apprehensive about doing a review of American Apparel, purely because I didn't think I'd be able to find any images suitable for an e-commerce blog....

This is part of their brand identity and the phrase "sex sells" has never been so relevant to a fashion brand.

Ammy Appy are  already a powerhouse in America and they are taking over the world (not literally). Needless to say the results of their Pinterest make for an interesting read.

Love it. So fun and adventurous it immediately caught my eye. Their mix of fantastic pieces with fun images provides great visuals for the consumer.

The section with the dogs is a particular favourite of mine, it's silly, but I like it and if you want to dress up your dog now you know where to go. I digress.

They haven't particularly gone on a tangent here, it's very focused and the page implicitly says "look at what we sale". Yes they do sell dog clothes.

In my previous post I mentioned the importance of using celebrities (if you can afford them) to display your best work. One example of this is Alexa Chung here. 

The use of different looking models on this piece is also great. It shows American Apparels versatility not only to their styles, but also their advertising.

The colours are great, however considering it is a rather recent pin page it doesn't bare much relevance to the season.

So in conclusion does it fulfil the criteria?

Relevance - The front page is great. The use of images to display their range of products provides me with clarification on what they sell, and what they are about.

One problem is there's little relevance to the seasons. There is one pin that says "Fall 13" showing little effort to try and display their most current pieces. 

Engagement - It's most certainly engaging. A good way to engage is to provide a fun, colourful approach, but letting the consumer know what you're about.

They have achieved fun and colourful whilst keeping their core brand identity in mind. 

Photography - As I said at the start of the post some of the imagery could be seen as distasteful, however this imagery is combined with great images. The only thing that their photography suggests to me is they're a brand that doesn't take themselves too seriously. 

A great Pinterest page that makes me want to explore all they have to offer.

They've combined cool with fun in a really bright and elegant way. Fantastic work. 


Anthropologie are an apparel and homeware store. Their eccletic mix of elegant and casual clothes makes them a firm favourite on the Internet at the moment.


First impressions are that their audience is very different to the aforementioned so should be judged accordingly.

Their use of photography for their homeware and clothing range is great.

Autumnal feels to the colours and warm pastels to resemble the season make you feel at home with the brand.

There are suggestions of their favourite colours for the season ahead.

Overall the front page entices me and has a friendly feel to it. 

This is exactly what you should be doing with your Pinterest pages.

They have really thought about the needs of their customers and come up with a page on customer favourites. This is a great way of redirecting traffic back to your site.

In the fashion world know one wants to be left behind and this ensures your customers won't.

But do they fullfil the all-important criteria?

Relevance - The use of autumnal imagery gives a seasonal relevance and the favourites section ensures relevance throughout.

Engagement - Pastel colours and winter vegetables give warmth that engages the customer and also makes you want to explore the virtual realms of Anthropology. Something that is hard to achieve. 

Photography - Simple yet effective. Using blacks and gold's against a magnolia background provide the perfect backdrop for some simple, but effective imagery.

Again the colours used are one of the key assets to this Pinterest page.

We'd definitely say in this case it does fulfil the necessary pre requisites for a great Pinterest page. This is an engaging page that makes you want to explore every Pinterest avenue they have to offer. 


It's really important when you are looking to revamp your Pinterest page to think about what it is you want out of it.

Is it just another social network that you feel you have to be on? Or is it something that you really want to invest some time and effort into?

If it's the latter then use these three as a template:

Make it relevant - think of your audience, is this relevant to the audience? And is this relevant to the current range of products you have on offer?

Engage with your customer - Make it interesting, fun and full of images. There's nothing worse than a half finished, sad Pinterest page :-(

Photography - Use simple, but effective colours that will work with each other. If you do this properly you'll find that images are eye catching and you will also be engaging, relevant and have awesome photography.

Do all these effectively and you can't go too wrong. 

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