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How does hosting work with Shopify?

Growth Secrets|01.11.2016

Does the Shopify package include your hosting fees? We are here to answer your questions.

Hosting is included in every level of the Shopify payment plans; you do not need to pay for an external host.

Shopify hosting is best in class and thanks to a worldwide CDN, is fast for all customers regardless of country. Shopify returns most pages within 80 milliseconds and boasts a 99.7% uptime, your store will be live and responsive 

We can help you setup your existing domain name, if you have one, or you can buy a new one through Shopify. In fact, there is nothing for you to set up - Shopify sets up and maintains the hosting of your site, ensuring that all software updates are installed and automatically backs up your data.

If you host your own website you should keep in mind that there will be server costs, which should start from £30 per month but could be thousands of pounds per month for a managed service. If you grow your business, using a self-hosted platform like Magento, you will pay more for the more products and visitors you acquire.

Thankfully that's never an issue with Shopify's as it is included in your subscription plan price. For a full breakdown of Shopify prices and the benefits of each plan, visit the Shopify pricing page.

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