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How to repurpose old content

Growth Secrets|04.06.2018

Repurposing content can be a cost effective way to keep the buzz going whilst cutting content creation costs. By building recycling into your content calendar, you’ll have a wealth of high-quality posts and still reap the SEO benefits.

Creating visual content to drive traffic to your online store can be timely and expensive.  From arranging photo shoots hiring models and photographers or videographers, to post-production fees, once this content is created, you want to maximise its online lifespan.

Don’t discount written content

Written content is still the winner when it comes to online SEO. Whilst it may not be favourable in e-commerce to focus on words over visuals, you can consider breaking your imagery into several blog posts, especially transferable content from social media. 
If you have a natural flare for writing or need to employ a copywriter, it can be a cost effective way to repurpose and utilise content created for other channels. Thought or opinion pieces about your industry, events you have attended, perfect seasonal products; all will help drive traffic to your store.

Boost your high ranking posts

Use Google Analytics to determine your highest ranking posts, is all the information still relevant and fresh?  Look at your top ranking posts in Google Analytics, you can find this in the Behaviour section under the Landing Pages tab. Check the highest ranking 25 posts, are they all still relevant and factually correct?

At We Make Websites we check our top performing posts and regularly update these posts to have relevant examples, new statistics and check the blogs are still factually correct.

You can breathe new life into old content by:

  • Expanding your old posts into guides or downloadable ebooks/lookbooks.

  • Consider taking a popular post and turn it into a series covering a wider topic.

  • Refresh examples and update any statistical information.

  • Mention new influencers or ranges on relevant posts.

  • Update your CTA to new campaigns

  • Turn posts into an email newsletter or seasonal special edition newsletters.

  • “Best of” promotions showcasing top content

 Make sure you update the title or URL to reflect your changes, that way your readership will know your information is current and relevant. Find influencers to share your current content; the correct influencer can considerably widen the reach of old content

You could consider compiling several posts or campaigns together to tie in with a particular season. I.e. a pastel colours post and a suit fitting guide could be combined into an ultimate wedding guide.

Repurpose written into visual content

There are many ways you can repurpose old content and even convert low-performing posts into a winning compilation. Infographics are a fun, shareable way to repurpose old content, make it visually attractive and is a great alternative to bulk text. Infographics can be shared via multiple channels, syndicated out to other content providers and makes them stand out in a crowded ‘how to’ market.

Take Walking on a Cloud’s example. They created an infographic, shared using visual.ly, regarding how to find your perfect running shoe. They cover arch types, workout routine, along with common injuries from poorly fitting sports shoes.

Repurpose for Social

A well-researched blog or infographic should have a multitude of tasty tidbits for readers to take away. Statistics and offers work well on platforms that have a minimal word count i.e. Twitter. Break your content into snippets and add into your content calendar, timed to routinely give old content a boost.

Visual content can be repurposed and posted to new platforms. Video and imagery can be compiled and pushed to Snapchat, similarly written content can be shared to Medium. Re-edit your video content into either shareable snippets and post mini updates on YouTube. All will boost your SEO and traffic.

Multimedia content split multiple ways

For those busy customers who ingest content on the run, consider converting old posts into a podcast or video content. Written posts can be easily converted into advice based talking heads with minimal technology or edits needed. Add video to your “how it works” pages and gain an additional SEO boost by publishing it on YouTube.

We Make Websites created short videos with Alex, Director of We Make Websites, reading out top e-commerce tips, which gives our blog a nice multimedia boost and gains additional SEO points published as our “Making it Monday” series on YouTube.
Influencer or customer interviews contain a wealth of potential for reuse, however you originally conducted them. Filmed interviews can be split into podcast audio and text, similarly, written interviews can be transformed into audio.You can even consider crowdsourcing content. “Unboxing” videos are popular with YouTube influencers and fans alike, which can be edited into mashups or stills used for social media.
Take some time looking through your old posts, tweets and Instagram. You should find some gems there that can be compiled or reworked and whilst a good portion of your social content should be new, recycling old content can increase your SEO rank and cut some content creation costs.

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