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How we built a new Shopify website for London brand Caravan Coffee

Our News|20.05.2016


Caravan is a hip cafe-cum-restaurant with two locations in central London - Kings Cross and Exmouth market. They also roast amazing coffee that is used across the city.

Caravan aim to source the best quality green coffee, in the most sustainable, social and environmental way.

Their freshly roasted coffee is brewed in house and from the minute it arrives, they’re thinking about the best way to show off its unique character. With such knowledge about producing great coffee, Caravan no longer wanted to limit the experience to their restaurants and shops. We helped them bring their brand online with a state of the art ecommerce website, built on Shopify.

Project Objectives 

The aims of Caravan’s new Shopify store were:

  • Inspire the visitor with fascinating coffee content and in depth pages that explain the various beans and products available.
  • Bring the designs delivered by partner-agency, BuroCreative, to life in Shopify, dealing with any platform constraints in the best way possible.
  • Ensure the website is fully optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

What we delivered

Working with design firm, BuroCreative, we built an engaging and visually rich e-commerce experience. The aesthetic is minimal, but still full of personality, and makes excellent use of the brand's stunning photography.   

As well as the shopping elements the site includes a huge amount of non-commerce sections. One highlight is the brewing guides, which include looping videos that animate each step of the process and a countdown timer to make the pages more interactive.

The site pushes Shopify to the limit with some highly complex layouts and it was all acheived without the need to employ an additional CMS. So the client can benefit from the power and functionality of Shopify whilst boasting a rich, highly-bespoke design.

App Integrations 

Bold Recurring Orders: This allows customers to subscribe on a continual basis and pay monthly for the service. It includes a tightly integrated subscription checkout that uses existing Shopify product pages, checkout flow and order backend. Styling and integration are all optimised for use on mobile, tablet and desktop. 

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