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In one month we delivered a Shopify store for WaterAid, increasing their conversion rate to 5%

Our News|02.12.2015


WaterAid is an international non-profit organisation whose ultimate goal is to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities by providing them with safe water, sanitation and hygiene. 

WaterAid were able to reach 2 million people with safe water last year alone. 

WaterAid wanted their supporters to be able to buy greeting cards, the proceeds of which would go towards helping those in need of better access to water. 

Project objectives

WaterAid had a number of requirements for their gift card online store:

  • They wanted to sell both physical and electronic gift cards as part of their fundraising efforts.
  • The store needed to be optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop using responsive design.
  • The design of the store had to follow brand guidelines and work alongside their existing main website.
  • The store needed to be live before Christmas.

What we delivered

We worked extremely closely with WaterAid to ensure the new website was ready in time for Christmas. The WaterAid design was minimal and inline with their main non-ecommerce website.

We needed to set up two different types of product page for the physical and electronic gift cards. We also had to customise the Shopify checkout to allow for the completion of this process. 

Behind the scenes we put together a custom integration that connects the website to a fulfillment system. This was a bespoke component and greatly reduces the amount of time spent on admin whilst ensuring orders are accurately delivered to the fulfillment centre.

Careful planning was required to ensure these complex custom features were live before the deadline, otherwise WaterAid would have missed out on valuable contributions.

We were able to successfully deliver the project on time and on budget.

App Integrations 

Product Power Tools app: Using this app we created a product filtering sidebar. This makes shopping easier for customers and quicker to find what they’re looking for. Each collection page has a sidebar on the left that lists a set of predefined filters. These filters also work on mobile and tablet.

Directed Edge: This app creates automated product recommendations, which are great for upselling and cross-selling on the cart, product and landing pages. The website now automatically shows selected products, personalized recommendations, bundles, bestselling and recently viewed items based on Wateraid’s chosen configuration.

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