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Shopify POS and Card Reader now available in the UK

Backend (order mgmt, inventory etc...)|01.09.2016

Now available in the UK is the Shopify POS and the newly launched card reader. Both are great for those of you selling your products at market stalls, pop-ups or in your very own bricks and mortar store. 

By using the free Shopify POS app for iPhone and iPad you are able to close the gap between your online and offline sales. This great solution allows you to easily accept payments without having to mess around with additional third party systems

The POS system integrates well with your online store to automatically update your inventory and orders in real time. It's a seamlessly efficient platform that ultimately saves you time and makes transactions easier for everyone.

It also allows you to gather an email address with each order. Your customer will receive an email receipt and they can also opt in to your future email marketing campaigns.

When a customer wants to make a purchase all you need to do is tap on a product which will add it to the cart and then accept the payment. A digital receipt is sent to the customer's email address. Sounds easy, right?

Pre-Order a Card Reader

Shopify's new tap, chip, and swipe card reader is an easier way to get paid. The card reader provides you with a fast and secure way to accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Fast transactions prevent queues from building up and gives you more time to talk to your customers and make a sale.

Click here to pre-order the card reader

To get the card reader up and running, pair it with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and you'll be ready to go.

Great news for all the UK Shopify merchants out there!

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