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Shopify Update: Create orders and accept credit cards in the Shopify admin

Ecommerce Platforms|28.07.2015

Shopify merchants can now create orders and accept credit card payments through the Shopify Admin, making it easier to sell wholesale, take orders over the phone, and more.

Order creation was designed for businesses that need the flexibility to create custom orders. This new tool allows you to save and track draft orders from Shopify’s new Drafts section, and makes it easy to build orders in Shopify using:

  • existing products
  • new line items
  • one-time discounts
  • and customizable shipping rates.

When you’re done building a new order, just click Email invoice or Pay with credit card to process payment. Email invoice sends your customer a customizable message along with a link to a pre-filled checkout, and Pay with credit card lets you type your customer’s credit card and billing information into your Shopify Admin.

How to create an order in the Shopify Admin

To create an order, log in to your Shopify Admin, go to your Orders page, and click Create Order.

Once you’ve created your order, you can email an invoice or accept credit card right from the Shopify Admin. You can also mark orders as Paid if you’ve already accepted payment or as Pending if you're expecting a payment at a later date. To review past orders click Drafts, which you can find in the Orders section of the left navigation menu.

Order creation is available to all merchants but only those using direct payment gateways can process credit cards through the Shopify Admin.

If you’re using Shopify Payments, any additional fee for manually processing credit cards from your Shopify Admin or Shopify POS has been removed. Now, the rate to manually process a credit card is your regular online rate. This means you can now also accept phone orders - e.g. for wholesale or people that want to pay over phone.

See the original announcement on Shopify's blog.

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