What is a Warranty and Why is it Important?

I always look around for the best deals before buying a gadget and that includes warranty. So what is a warranty? A warranty is an assurance by one party to the other party that specific facts or conditions are true or will happen.

It’s a statement made by the seller or manufacturer of a product saying that it will perform in the way specified.

Products can have problems either upon purchase or after a certain amount of time. Defects sometimes are not apparent until you are using the product. A warranty is a sign that the company has confidence in its products and that will last longer.

Consumers will be re-assured by a warranty on your products and services, so if you have one make it clear on your website. If you don’t have one, it’s certainly something to consider.

About the author

Alex is a founder at WeMakeWebsites and an international speaker on ecommerce. He teaches the ecommerce course at General Assembly and The Guardian, and has spoken about ecommerce at Google, Top Drawer and London College of Fashion. WeMakeWebsites build beautiful and effective online stores for creative retail companies, you can view recent examples of our Shopify work here.

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