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What types of content are most important for e-commerce?

E-commerce companies cannot just focus on the products or services they offer; they must also provide content that is relevant for their intended target audience. But what types of content are most important in e-commerce?

Video content is increasingly important

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Many people are now looking for video content when they go online. Often, even a reference to a video increases audience engagement and click through. With continuously improving mobile technology and faster internet access, the demand for video content is rising all the time.

As such, businesses are quickly realising that video content keeps visitors on their site for longer and makes them more likely to engage with what they offer. What this means is that video content has to be part of your business’s online content strategy.

There are many reasons why a customer is more likely to buy a product after watching relevant video content, the main ones being:

  • A chance to see the product in action

  • Learning more about the product

  • Developing a connection with the company

  • Finding the content is quicker and easier to digest

Blog content can shape your brand and identity

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One of the main reasons why blog content is important for your e-commerce business is that it develops your brand values and identity . Through blog posts, you can not only promote your products and services but also allow potential customers to get a sense of your brand personality and showcase your knowledge of the sector you operate in.

Customers like to connect with businesses and in this personality-led age of social media, a blog is a vital tool in providing you with a canvas for creating shareable, engaging and relevant content.

The key reasons to create a blog for your e-commerce website are:

  • Showcasing your experience and knowledge of your industry

  • Developing relationships with your target audience, partners, and peers

  • Creating and developing your brand image and identity

  • Hosting content that can be shared on social media

Editorial content can establish you as a market leader

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If you operate in a crowded marketplace, or you want to be seen as a company that can be trusted by its target audience, editorial content is essential. With editorial content, you are not looking to promote your products or services, at least not in the short term. You are looking to inform your target audience and establish your firm as a trusted authority in its sector.

As an e-commerce company, you will have countless competitors across the globe, and prospective customers will be looking for evidence that they can trust your company. Editorial content is a great way of building this trust, while simultaneously providing customers with added value.

This approach may not lead to an immediate boost in sales. But when it comes to your target audience looking to purchase something, or are in a position to recommend a company, authoritative, relevant editorial content will improve the likelihood of your business being the one they use or recommend.

User-generated content engages audiences and provides Social proof

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In the era of social media, it has never been easier for firms to engage their target audience. However, social channels should be used as an opportunity to genuinely interact with customers, rather than using it as just another marketing platform. The companies succeeding on social networks are listening to users and encouraging feedback and discussion.

There is no greater level of proof to offer a prospective customer than genuine testimonials from existing customers. This is why user-generated content is so important for any e-commerce businesses . When a customer buys your products or uses your services and shares their experience online, they are providing proof of the quality and satisfaction of the products you offer.

By sharing some user-generated content, you acknowledge the feedback of existing customers and provide prospective customers with examples of what people think about your brand. You should also look to incorporate this as a feed on your website for more social proof.

Product page content

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When focusing on content, it can be easy to overlook those that that provide information about your products and services. You should use high-quality images and video content to showcase what you offer. Providing slick product page content that is easy to read is an essential part of any e-commerce website.

In order to ensure people find your site when searching for a particular product or service, use the appropriate keywords when describing them. To turn shoppers into customers, this content needs to be as informative as possible, incorporating descriptions, instructions, options and anything else a prospective customer might want to know.

When it comes to product page content, you should always be as expressive and eloquent as possible in order to give shoppers a clear idea of whether or not your products or services meet their needs.

Static content

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You should also have static content that provides important information about your e-commerce business, such as your contact details, story, privacy policy and terms and conditions. This content should be clearly labelled and easily found on your site. Making this information accessible will help give prospective customers the confidence to buy from your company, and the reassurance that any after-sales issues will be dealt with properly.


It's become very clear that e-commerce businesses are going to have to go the extra mile to ensure their content is as engaging, informative, and interactive as it can be because, it can make a huge impact on your business in terms of:

  • Better brand identity

  • Stronger customer relationships

  • More ROI than traditional advertising

  • Better SEO

  • Informative product information

  • Driving more traffic to your online store

BY Lydia Green


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