Shopify Plus Agency New York

International e-commerce is what we do, and the US is the biggest market for Shopify. Setting a base in Manhattan that puts us closer to some of our clients was only ever a case of 'when’. Having early experience in web development with multi-currency and multi-language demands, we got off on the right foot in becoming the Shopify Plus agency for international brands.

There aren’t many New York agencies who specialize in international and borderless e-commerce as we do; we have substantial experience in multi‑region Shopify deployments that gives us a pretty unique position here.

New York is great, the whole place buzzes. It’s packed with some super exciting brands that are hungry to take their e‑commerce to another level — whether that be migrating over to Shopify Plus, or wanting to get more out of the platform. If you’re one of these brands, let’s get talking.

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