Bluebella is an award-winning lingerie brand, with a uniquely modern take on lingerie, known for using unusual fabrics to create interesting and flattering shapes. Unhappy with their current website, Bluebella worked with us to create a new website that wholeheartedly captures the essence of their brand.

Piers Thorogood

Louie Babb

Lewis Sillery

Bluebella Homepage

A complete overhaul

Previously based on an archaic platform, Bluebella approached us for a complete modernisation. Shopify Plus was the perfect solution, offering a flexible front-end, extensive integration and secure and sturdy servers. Their dream for 2016 was to match a bespoke design with a kick ass platform that integrates with their choice of business management tools, and we were there to build it.

Bluebella product page

Designing for conversion

Core requirements to Bluebella’s redesign were to increase conversion rates and the average order value. This drove every decision we made when it came to layout, functionality and look-and-feel, the final design is a case study in e-commerce best-practice. Feeding from the minimalist design of their products, we teamed this high level functionality with a bespoke design that reflected the brands ethos… and increased revenue.

Bluebella mobile

Intelligent upselling

Every store wants to increase their AOV, meaning upselling and cross selling were front of mind during the design phase. We were able to implement this for Bluebella via tactful design elements such as the ‘complete the set’ feature on the product page, allowing visitors to quickly buy matching items without leaving the page. This teamed with an integrated sharable wishlist and smart exit-intent pop-ups that promote different offers depending on where visitors are on the site equalled unrivalled upsell functionality.

Bluebella upsell

Complex discounts

Through custom scripting, we were able to give Bluebella access to a whole new area of discounts and campaign options using Shopify Plus for their promotional activity, allowing much more targeted offers that not only promote Bluebella products, but also customer engagement and growing their community.

Fully integrated

Not content with just a stellar new design, Bluebella wanted to shake up their behind the scenes process. Working with partner agencies Patchworks and Bluebridge One, Bluebella's new Shopify Plus website has been integrated with their new ERP system, Netsuite. This integration is a world-first on Shopify, making Bluebella the benchmark for all e-commerce stores.

Mobile first approach

Hand in hand with increasing conversions and AOV was a focus on mobile revenue. The mobile experience is best of breed and, regardless of device, shopping on the site is a seamless process.

Bluebella landing page

The result

The new website is a dramatic improvement on the old, featuring bigger, bolder imagery and much more engaging content. But it's not just the visuals that have been improved - the site now boasts more intelligent upselling. Bluebella’s average transaction value increased by 51% with an overall gross revenue increase towards the end of the year. Backend app integrations such as Mailchimp's automation suite and Feed Optimise offer real-time analytics and optimisation allowing Bluebella to control and tweak their profitability.

+ 51%