Commodity, a perfumier that focuses on producing naturally occurring scents, came to us with a website that was failing them and their customers. Their products evoke a simple yet stylish ambience and we wanted to reflect this with a monochrome and modern e-commerce store.

Hassan Mehdi

Tim Richardson

Commodity Homepage

Migrating to Shopify Plus

Commodity came to us with an issue. Their old store, originally built on Ruby on Rails was losing money and hardly functioning. They were losing customers daily and we needed to work fast. We initially built a store in a matter of weeks to stem the flow and solve checkout and loading issues. Once they were up and running, we took the task of a complete rebrand and gave them something not only functional but designed to reflect the class of the brand.

Commodity product page

A sophisticated new design

Clean, black and white typography and images portrays class and simplicity, feeling both hip and high-end. The big photography and video used throughout creates a striking product showcase. It matches the branding of their product line perfectly and lines up with Commodity Good’s ideal customers.

Commodity journal

Packed full of features

We added a slick free gift functionality, allowing customers to choose a free gift if they increase their purchase value. Store locators give a local feel to this global brand. And with a new Shoppable Instagram, we increased their social impact and helped them reach the most fashionable and social customers in the world.

Commodity mobile

Just as good on mobile

Now free from their old platform, we were able to design a stylish functional mobile site that is a credit to their products. Slicker mobile navigation, with swipeable product images, all leading to minimalist product photography. We carried the bold black and white theme throughout the store, creating a clear yet stylish customer journey.

As a brand that needs to focus 100% on our core competency of great fragrance and beauty offerings, it was key to outsource our e-commerce development to a trustworthy and reliable provider and in We Make Websites, we found such a partner. Their knowledge of professional grade edition of Shopify has allowed us to scale using an off the shelf solution that easily integrates with multiple of our partners across different countries. Of the various solutions of e-commerce we have experienced since commencing our brand, this has been the best decision yet.

The results

A unique looking site that amplifies Commodity brand values, and sets it apart from other perfumier websites. Not only this, but we dramatically increased their conversion rates, easing their customers mobile and desktop journey and providing them with a powerhorse of a Shopify store - something that can grow and develop as they do.