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We brought PepsiCo’s first direct-to-consumer brand to life on Shopify Plus.

  • Drinkfinity / PepsiCo

We worked with PepsiCo teams in London, Miami and Amsterdam to supercharge the growth of a refreshing new drink brand. We managed multiple stakeholders and successfully delivered an impressive new direct-to-consumer platform.

Conveying A
New Idea

The way that Drinkfinity works is part of its charm. We spent a lot of time working out the best way to showcase the Drinkfinity product.


Shopify Plus means you start further ahead. Best-in-class e-commerce features like flexible content management and marketing automation are ready to deploy. The result is improved speed-to-market and lower cost of ownership. That's what makes it a vital tool for todays FMCG companies.

The Perfect Mobile Experience

A key focus was designing and implementing a flawless mobile experience. The website feels as easy to use as an app, but works across every device type. Following launch, our Ongoing Success team worked hard to continue optimising the site for more sales.

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