Finisterre, founded in 2003, have a unique take on fashion. We live in a disposable culture, tending to replace broken or worn items, they stand behind the quality and durability of their brand, encouraging you to repair rather than replace. With sustainability and global consciousness at the heart of the ethos, they wanted an e-commerce store that could stand the test of time and future proof their online business.

Louie Babb

Lewis Sillery

Finisterre Home page

Moving away from Magento

Finisterre were bogged down and held back by their old Magento based e-commerce store. The old site had become slow, difficult to navigate and ultimately expensive to keep up. Time to change to a more fluid and freedom allowing platform and Shopify Plus offered much more value for money and dramatically improved performance.

Finisterre collection

A breath of fresh air

The lifestyle photography used by Finisterre glorifies the outdoor lifestyle; broad expanses, silhouettes against mountainscapes and long beach walks reflect the hardy conditions their clothing can withstand. Their old site looked a little weathered, to say the least. We designed bold full page image based landing pages, with minimal text boxes, allowing the images to make a full impact.

Finisterre full width images

Immersive product pages

We took Finisterre's product pages and made them the star of the show. Combining big lifestyle images with technical product details, with hotspot functionality that emphasises the small details that make their outdoor wear so special. We highlighted Finisterre's superior quality, reusability and hardiness, all key USPs, contributing to and driving sales across all platforms.

Finisterre product page

Offers, discounts and bundles

Using the Shopify Plus discount scripts, we were able to provide Finisterre with a huge suite of discount options, such as buy-one-get-one-free, coupon code discounts and multi-buy offers. This offers them freedom and flexibility to run their business they way they want to, not dictated by restrictions of their e-commerce website. In addition to this, we also built a custom bundles feature, which allows quick purchasing of low-value items such as underwear or socks.

Finisterre bundles

The result

The new website is a dramatic improvement on the last, with a enticing new look and sophisticated e-commerce functionality. On mobile, tablet and desktop the experience oozes ‘Finisterre’, appealing to existing fans and new customers alike.