National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is a British art institution, housing works depicting monarchy, writers and poets as early as the 1600's through to the modern era. It’s only fitting their e-commerce offering should be held to the same high standard as works of art that adorn their walls.

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National Portrait Gallery

Replatforming to Shopify

They approached us to transition between an aging CMS and replace and redesign a new, higher performing and easier to manage store using Shopify Plus. Shopify allowed them the flexibility of a customisable front end, an important aspect when your customers are art critics, coupled with an incredibly powerful and reliable one-stop backend service.

National Portrait Gallery

A much needed facelift

The National Portrait Gallery’s existing online store was starting to look its age. With minimal updates over the 6 years since launch, sales were starting to suffer due to difficult navigation, minimal mobile optimisation and a clunky products page. With a completely clean canvas, we were able to design and implement a store than not only looks good, but is built to increase their revenue stream.

National Portrait Gallery

Best practice e-commerce

As well as updating the aesthetic and overall feel of the site, we utilised the promotional blocks, drawing on the creativity of the company to make them as powerful as possible. We encouraged their customers to increase their AOV with incentives like ‘Spend £10.00 more to get free UK shipping’, making offers and delivery information clear and accessible at the top of the page.

An excellent experience. The We Make Websites team provided extensive consultation and were very empathetic and highly responsive to the various - and at times unique - requirements of our project, always keen to find solutions to the challenges in our brief. Project was delivered as briefed, within the budget agreed and on the original timescale. Communications were consistently prompt and clear across the team who were exceptionally customer focused, friendly and a genuine pleasure to work with.

A mobile masterpiece

Large, clear, swipeable product images, with a simplified mobile navigation panel leans towards a smooth and slick mobile shopping experience. We were able to recreate the NPG look-and-feel yet still provide an optimised mobile experience.

National Portrait Gallery

The result

The National Portrait Gallery completely overhauled their store, giving customers a stylish yet succinct e-commerce offering that has boosted their overall revenue. It also is now inline with their brand and customer base and the integrations and customisations allow the NPG team to run marketing and sales events with ease.