Penguin Books

Penguin Books are a brand long rooted in British publishing history, bringing literature and joy to many generations. Penguin approached us after launching a rebrand of their current site, wanting to take control of their exclusive merchandise offering and maximise the potential of a freshly designed e‑commerce store, created with conversion and optimisation in mind.

Piers Thorogood

Deni Gorchev

Tim Richardson

Penguin home page

A design challenge

As publishers, Penguin pride themselves on great design - it was imperative whilst modernising their e‑commerce offering that we also stayed true to brand guidelines and maintained the look-and-feel of the main website. Still, the store needed to feel visually different to help orientate customers - this is not a space to buy books - whilst boosting revenue and conversions for the merchandise arm of their business.

Penguin colleciton page

A simple effective design

From start to finish, it’s immediately clear you’re on a Penguin website. Careful use of whitespace, colour and type create an aesthetic that feels high quality and on-brand. Taking note from the side nav on the homepage, we created a meganav that echoed this simplistic and straightforward style, adding suggestive search to smooth the customer journey.

Penguin product page

Perfect product pages

Echoing the minimal aesthetic of the Penguin brand, we introduced simple, clear and easy to scan product pages, showing only brief descriptions of products, with the option to view more if desired. The design, whilst quite traditional, also has the flair you’d expect from the Penguin brand, with polaroid‑esque images sitting on top of the stripped page layout.

Penguin mobile designs

A slicker mobile experience

Large, clear, swipeable product images, with a simplified mobile navigation panel leans towards a smooth and slick mobile shopping experience. By utilising the colour pallette and white space we were able to recreate the Penguin look-and-feel yet still provide an optimised mobile experience.

We teamed up with We Make Websites in August 2016 to help us design and develop a shop website. It only took a couple of meetings before the initial designs came and they were spot on. We Make Websites got our brand almost immediately and delivered designs that we were very happy with from the outset. From there they were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, always there to answer our questions and advise on usability best practice. It’s very clear that We Make Websites have reams of experience not only with the Shopify platform but e-commerce websites in general. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Piers, Tim and the rest of the team and look forward to working with them in the future.

The results

An extremely happy customer who is continuing to work with us via our Ongoing Support package It is still early days to provide statistics in support, however in sheer user experience we hit the nail on the head combining seamless usability with minimalistic class and style. Their mobile site loads in 1.06 seconds - better than 88% of websites on the internet.