SkinnyDip London

Skinnydip London is a fashion accessory brand specialising in creative and playful phone cases, bags, headphones and techcessories. Having grown from a team of 3 to 50, with global offices, Skinnydip came to us for a website refresh that would better reflect their brand, increase their online sales and provide more flexibility for their in-house e-commerce team.

Piers Thorogood

Alexi Kyriakides

Lewis Sillery

SkinnyDip Home page

The challenge

Skinnydip’s previous site, whilst functional, lacked the fun, brash feel of their products. We could see room for improvement instantly. Skinnydip’s brand is full of personality and we wanted to reflect this quirkiness in the design, along with improving site load time, and a revamp of the whole checkout process. High on the list of requirements was a desire to use the inbuilt selling features and improved merchandising to increase the AOV. A future plan to increase customer engagement via user generated content needed to be integrated into the main design.

SkinnyDip London collection page

A big, bold new look

Impactful lifestyle photography coupled with quirky pun-fueled copy is in keeping with the fun and playful style of the brand. To accentuate this we introduced bold typography layered on a scrolling carousel to create impact on the landing page.

SkinnyDip London product page

Quicker and easier to shop

As well as updating the aesthetic and feel of the site, we introduced powerful design elements to speed the browsing and checkout process. We simplified the product pages to make them clearer and easier to scan. A clear meganav provides easy access to collections — perfect for the shopper who knows what they’re looking for.

SkinnyDip London mobile design

Content that sells

As part of a wider strategy to engage with their audience, Skinnydip were keen to introduce user generated content in the form of a shoppable Instagram feed. As well as a brand-wide feed we also built product-specific feeds, allowing shoppers to see products worn by real people. We also transformed the Skinnydip blog, shunning the traditional grid format and opting for an unconventional layout consisting of a mix of graphics, images and video.

We initially started working with We Make Websites after struggling to get a redesign finalised and complete in-house. From the very first meeting, they were all extremely helpful with designing the site and were able to answer all of my questions quickly and informatively! It was great being able to work with a team that has so much experience with Shopify and meant we were able to fix a lot of the bugs we were previously experiencing! It has really helped to take the site to the next level! I look forward to working with the team again!

Instant results

So, what did all this achieve? Skinnydip saw a dramatic increase in sales during 2016, with an increased conversion rate of 47% and an 80% increase in transaction volume, Our user orientated design helped to increase their AOV and decrease their mobile bounce rate, whilst maintaining their brand's personality and story.