Sunday Somewhere

Sunday Somewhere are a premium eyewear brand with a severe case of Wanderlust. Our goal was to make continuous improvements to their Shopify website, with the aim of improving their online sales and deploy new marketing campaigns all whilst maintaining their laid back beach style.

Louie Babb

Alexi Kyriakides

Lewis Sillery


Working together

Working hand in hand with the Sunday Somewhere team, our goal was simple. Increase online sales by lending our extensive e-commerce knowledge and adding improvements and customisations to their store.


Prime product pages

One of our key goals was to streamline Sunday Somewhere’s product pages. Previously the collection page listed all products out individually i.e. the same product which may have 5 different colour options were all listed as 5 different products. We customised their product listings to show colour variants below the main image, all displayed as one product. We also added a hover features for the variant colours, the main image changes so the customer can see the colour variant they're hovering over in a larger view.


Time to buy

We introduced several new features into the store to improve conversions. Starting with their 5th anniversary sale, we added features like a countdown timer to encourage people to buy now and push customers towards the checkout and create urgency. We also creted a sense of demand, by adding tags to products such as “Back in Stock”.


Instant results

So, what did all this achieve? Sunday Somewhere saw a dramatic increase in sales during September 2016, one month after we started working together, with a 595% increase compared year on year. We continue to provide ongoing design, consulting and conversion support to keep the Sunday Somewhere store top of the game.