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Whether you’re looking for a new online store, are migrating from your current platform, or need ongoing support to optimize your existing site, we’ve got you. We’ve built some of the most complex Shopify Plus stores out there, so rest assured you’ll be in safe hands. Here’s how we can help you get the most out of this platform.


Our Design and UX team create seamless, user-centric designs that showcase your brand and supercharge your revenue. We’ll work together to create the perfect design that not only meets your brief, but makes sure your website stays easy to manage.

We don’t just design to convert, we design to retain. Expect your customers to leave delighted, and keep coming back for more.


We develop online stores that convert visitors to customers and are ready to scale, using the power of Shopify Plus. We’ll build your Shopify store compliant, accessible and extensible as well as optimized for SEO, performance, internationalization, and mobile.

Our team has built custom themes for some of the most complex requirements out there, that don’t only push the boundaries of Shopify Plus, but e-commerce as a whole.


Moving between platforms can be a pretty daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Most of our Shopify Plus projects involve migrating brands from Magento, CommerceCloud alongside other e-commerce platforms.

So, if we’re handling your brand’s replatforming project, know you’ll be in safe hands. By this, we mean your data will be transferred seamlessly. Your integrations, connected flawlessly. And all that traffic kept safe and sound.

Why migrate to Shopify Plus?


A big concern for brands that are replatforming is around making sure all customer, order, and product data is migrated smoothly. Not to mention wanting to keep hold of those Google rankings you’ve worked so hard for.

We have the tools and experience to handle these for you seamlessly. SEO and data migration doesn’t have to be a headache. We won’t let it be.


Breaking into new markets is one of the most fruitful avenues for business growth. And although international e-commerce can be complex, we can guide you through the process and strategies for how it’s done through Shopify Plus.

We’ll decipher the best architectural route for you, and help you execute your global strategy with ease. If you’re ready to grow your global footprint, we’re ready to stretch your global potential.

Discover the different options for selling internationally on Shopify over on our blog.


Headless commerce is the decoupling of your website front-end (the “head”) from your back-end content and commerce systems. This brings extreme flexibility and crazy-fast site speed.

But headless setups require huge expertise and higher ongoing costs, which is why we believe they’re only right for very specific business cases. If you’re interested in headless, we can talk you through the many options for this architecture, and have our team deliver a best-in-class result.


You might have a stunning new Shopify Plus store with a lofty tech-stack that’s not struggling for traffic at all. But can we push that conversion rate higher?

Our CRO services will help. Think A/B testing, analytics, UX best-practices — and a whole load more. Those sky-high conversion rate targets don’t have to only be ambitions. We’ll get you the conversions your products deserve.


When it comes to e-commerce, time really is money. A slow store can damage your bounce rate, hurt your conversions, and slash your search positions.

We use a custom development framework and keep a stern focus when designing-to-convert, creating Shopify stores that are some of the fastest out there. Passionate about performance, we can keep tuning your website for speed as well, so that even as your business expands, your store remains lightning-fast.

Learn more about how you can speed up your Shopify store over on our journal.


Your e-commerce team should be focused on growth. Not bogged down by manually inputting data again and again into overly-complex spreadsheets.

Let us connect your online store to the back-end of your retail operations. We’ll integrate all your product, customer and order data between Shopify and your ERP, PIM and marketing systems. Then, watch your team get their time back to focus on what matters the most.


Getting the checkout process right can boost your top line by millions. Ultimately, this comes down to nurturing trust and decreasing friction for your customers.

Choosing and integrating the right payment options is necessary on every project, and on some projects, we also provide custom solutions like subscriptions, pre-orders and crowdfunding.

Of course, we’ll also make sure that your accounts, ERP and financial reporting are all thoroughly integrated.


When it comes to data protection and security (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI), we’ll advise and implement the right solutions to ensure you’re compliant, whilst keeping your Shopify store optimized for sales.

Different geographies require different laws be met. If you’re selling internationally, we can help you work out what you must comply with and figure the best approach to make sure you do.


Making websites that are accessible for everyone is something we take very seriously. Equitable access starts with design, then carries through to delivery and testing. We want everyone to enjoy your Shopify Plus store, and for you to reap the benefits.

But it’s not just the right thing to do: if you sell to the US, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) means you’re obliged to have an accessible store that meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards. We’ll help do that, whilst keeping your design best-in-class.


Does your brand use physical channels as well as a Shopify store? There are omnichannel technologies available to connect your online-to-offline touchpoints.

If you run permanent physical stores or temporary pop-ups, Shopify POS can unify your online and in-person sales. If you sell events’ tickets and want to streamline the check-in experience, then Event Ticketing could be for you.

We can help you implement solutions like these so you can sync your O2O inventories, streamline your processes, and give your customers a cohesive experience.


Have you got a super-specific functionality requirement? So niche, there isn’t an existing app to cater for it? Well, not yet...

Our App Development team brings extensive Shopify knowledge and development experience to create technologies tailored to your business. If there’s a way of building a solution, we’ll make it happen.

To find out how we can help with your Shopify Plus requirements, get in touch.

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