WMW, the Shopify Plus agency for international brands.

WMW, a Tech Mahindra company, is the first international Shopify Plus agency.

With over a decade of Shopify experience, we’re no stranger to this technology. That’s why the high-growth, international brands wanting the most out of this platform put their online stores into our hands.

Through designing, developing, and optimizing Shopify Plus stores, we do the retailers we work with justice — and a whole lot more. Bolstering revenue, strengthening stats, and elevating their brands.

Totême on Shopify Plus

TOAST on Shopify Plus

Pangaia on Shopify Plus

Alessi on Shopify Plus

Jigsaw on Shopify Plus

Eyewear by David Beckham on Shopify

Paul Valentine on Shopify Plus

Hasbro on Shopify Plus

Lauren Conrad Beauty on Shopify Plus

Meermin on Shopify Plus

This Works on Shopify Plus

Borough Kitchen on Shopify Plus

Skinnydip on Shopify Plus

Third Man Records on Shopify Plus

When leading brands choose Shopify Plus, they choose us as their agency partner.

One of the most successful e‑commerce agencies on the planet.

Harley Finkelstein, COO, Shopify

Our e-commerce services

Whether you're looking for a new online store, are migrating from another platform, or are needing ongoing support to optimize your existing website, we’ll make sure you get the most out of Shopify Plus. Here’s what services we offer.

Breaking the borders of international e-commerce through Shopify Plus.

As a modern brand, you know that owning your customer relationships and data with a direct‑to‑consumer website is crucial. But it’s not just about doing D2C e‑commerce, it’s about having an online store that keeps you futureproofed. That’s why we use Shopify Plus. Our work has received industry praise, has been seen by millions, and has taken brands global. Most importantly, it’s transformed the course of those brands.

The secret is that our competence isn't just design and technology. It's our ability to find and nurture brilliant people. That’s where our energy is spent: making sure our clients have access to the best Shopify team on the planet.

To find out how we can help with your international e-commerce requirements, reach out.

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